Designed to work

The women under SHE work at convenient times to make their lives more meaningful, while earning some extra money. This additional income also helps sustain their families. They collect the material and get their briefing as regards designs and colour schemes, and then return home to work at leisure. There are no deadlines and they work at a comfortable pace between various household chores.

Shamlu claims this method to be the key to the high standard of work and authenticity. She feels that since Kantha began as a community home craft where women would sit during free time and chat while stitching together old pieces of cloth, it is essential that a similar spirit be maintained today.

For the same reason she does not believe in asking the women to come to a specific place and work for a fixed number of hours every day a situation quite contrary to how most other rural women work. The line of products today includes saris, salwar-kurtas, dupattas, bedspreads, cushion covers, curtain lengths, table linen and above all, beautiful StitchArt panels (to grace the walls of elite sitting rooms) of different sizes, depicting epic themes and village scenes.