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Empowerment of Women

revival of Kantha

Creativity and ingenunity of
women of rural Bengal

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SHE (Self Help Enterprise) Foundationis a not-for-profit NGO focused on women’s welfare in rural Bengal. Through our attempts to revive Kantha, the traditional quilting stitch of Bengal. SHE provides a group of artisans with the required training and support to produce exquisite Kantha pieces for international markets.

For many centuries,the Kantha stitch has been used to sew together several layers of cotton tatters (from old handloom saris or dhotis) to make quilts.Women created their own patterns from the environment and the epics, and sewed these on to the wads, using their inherent artistry. What began here hundreds of years ago is today the fashion diktat world-over, thanks to the marketing efforts of MKC.

SHE is the CSR of MKC. After meeting the day-to-day expenses of the showroom, any extra income from the sale of these items is put into SHE Foundation for the welfare of the women and their families, for education, health care and other personal needs.

Through its activities, SHE makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of rural woman in India, by providing them with the tools that give them financial independence and a sense of dignity and self worth.

A simple running stitch which the tailor bird uses to sew two leaves together is today building homes of the rural women involved in Kantha stitchery.

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